The small town Aberglen was a member of the Aurelian Empire. It was the first recorded settlement in Eleutheria, but was mostly abandoned in favor of better territory.


Aberglen is the first settlement to be founded in recorded history, roughly in the center of the continent of Aurelia, whose location and existence has long since become uncertain.

In the year 19 P.A., a certain Alexander Diddle was hired to take on the task of rebuilding and running Aberglen, then an aging shadow of its former prosperity. Though never large, by virtue of its age and central location on the continent of Aurelia, its near abandonment was considered by many to be a shameful indication of the many developing problems in Aurelian society. While he was extremely succesful in revitalizing and expanding the city, Aberglen was abandoned along with Aventinus and Ostia during the Hiems Perpetua, which effectively ended civilization on the Aurelian continent. If any citizens stayed behind, it is unlikely that they survived very long at all.