"Criminal insanity in a bottle. If you've ever wanted to eat a creeper with your bare hands whilst singing the national anthem, this is your drink. It is also a guaranteed antidote to the dull conversation."


"My compliments to the chef, this is really quite And amber waves of graaaaaaaaaain!"

-Anon., whilst eating a creeper in the wilds.

Absinthe, an alcoholic drink made primarily with glowstone dust and rose turpentine, is alongside rum the most potent liquor available, and is far more toxic than it's fruit based counterpart, but that is to be expected considering its ingredients are luminescent or a powerful solvent. It is truly difficult to imagine something less palatable than absinthe, which is distilled mainly to dilute its natural flavor with something milder, in this case alcohol.

Drinking absinthe has three noticeable effects:

1. A complete inability to feel pain. While harm is caused to your body, it is incredibly difficut to cause the traditional knockout conditions such as shock or concussion- in short, the person is almost impossible to kill for the duration of the absinthe's effect.

2. Poor vision, bordering on hallucination, and a tenuous connection with reality. Berserkers using absinthe for in combat typically train remain focused while this lasts.

3. Severe nausea for a few moments, very dangerous for the sick or injured, though there have been no recorded deaths from the effect. The common practice of drinking rum and absinthe together largely negates this effect.

Name In-Game Name Ingredients Effects
Absinthe Debonair

2x Glowstone Dust

3x Sugar

1x Suave Potion

Resistance (2 min)

Dizziness (1 min)

Poison (15 sec)