The Claymore Tavern in Valentia.

"Whoever wrote that water is the essence of life has never tasted the fine ale at the Claymore!"

-Livius Tullius, The Dionysian Farce

Alcoholic beverages provide additional effects that potions can't. This section will be longer and more useful eventually, I promise. Unlike potions, though, alcohols provide both a positive and a negative effect, but they can also be crafted without needing to visit the Nether (except for absinthe).

Important Note about Alcohols[edit | edit source]

The texture of the alcohols looks just like a regular water-filled bottle, and all the names are unchanged from the default extra potion names. This is a limitation of Bukkit and it won't change until we get the Minecraft API.

There are seven types of alcohol. The first five require "clear potion" to craft, and the last two require "suave potion".

Clear potion is made by burning pumpkins in a furnace, distilling down into the pure yeast that can then help the other ingredients to ferment. Suave potion is made by burning roses in a furnace, adding a distinct flowery taste to the distillation.

Every time you craft a potion, there is a chance that you will distill a far more potent version of the recipe. Careful! The positive effects may be more potent, but so are the negative!

Recipes[edit | edit source]

All recipes require the following ingredients regardless of type:

  • 1x Bucket filled w/ water (bucket is returned upon completion of the recipe)
  • 2x Glass Bottles (one will be returned upon completion of the recipe)

And either

  • 1x Clear Potion, created from burning a pumpkin in a furnace,


  • 1x Suave Potion, created from burning a rose in a furnace.
Crafting Recipes for Alcoholic Beverages
Type Name Unique Ingredients Effects
Garum Potent Raw Fish (2) Waterbreathing (4 min), Weakness I (2 min)
Ale Refined Wheat (5) Mining Speed (2 min), Hunger (1 min)
Hard Cider Cordial Apples (2), Sugar (2) Speed II (2 min), Mining Fatigue (1 min)
Dandelion Wine Sparkling Dandelions (5) Jump Boost II (2 min), Hunger (1 min)
Planque Wine Charming Oak Plank (1), Vines (4) Strength (2 min), Slowness (1 min)
Rum Smooth Sugarcane (3), Melon Slice (2) Health Regen (2min), Health (2 hearts), Dizziness (1 min)
Absinthe Debonair Glowstone Dust (2), Sugar (3) Resistance (2 min), Poison (15 sec), Dizziness (1 min)
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