Shield of the Innocent, Last of the Old Kingdoms



Founding Date

384 AA




Constitutional Feudalism



Ancelstierre is a kingdom of the old world. After the tragic days of the Usurpation, the Arborists (who supported Ancelstierre's legitimate successor, the House of Alden) have ruled Ancelstierre in exile from their territory in the continent of Aurelia, once a colony of that old kingdom. The nobles of Ancelstierre are sworn to return to the old world and liberate their kingdom from the yoke of foreign oppression, but are destined by their stubborn refusal to clarify their history in detail to a pitiful and ignomious death. Ancelstierre is a thriving nation of trustworthy and friendly folk--the most amicable in society, the most honest in commerce, and the fiercest in times of trouble.

The capital of Ancelstierre is Firien.

History[edit | edit source]

While Ancelstierrans have an abiding love for the beauty of story, they are not so vainglorious that they must boast about their works for pages on end. While other factions have vandalized official records of their history to mock them for this, Ancelstierrans are too busy confronting actual problems to care. Perhaps the day will come when the labors of this industrious people will cease, but until then, Ancelstierre's past remains shrouded in tales untold and pages unwritten.

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