The economic system of Eleutheria is run under the hood by Nijikokun's versatile plugin iConomy . Most of the economic functions performed by citizens of Eleutheria's many cities and towns on a daily basis occur through interaction with shops or town governments, but there are a few situations in which it is important to know the chat commands. Commands with optional or modifiable arguments are rendered in angled brackets (< >).

/money - The simplest command. Merely displays your total bank account in denarii.

/money help - Shows the help documentation if you need a reminder of the commands and their structure. Also rendered /money ?.

/money top <#> - Lists the top <number> of players by total denarii deposited.

/money pay <playername> <amount> - Allows a player to transfer money from his or her account to another player's account. Use for personal transactions, shady deals, benevolent donations, tribute, and more.

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