Bookworm example

"Take a look, it's in a book..."

Writing and Copying BooksEdit

BookWorm is the plugin used by Eleutheria to allow citizens to read, write, and copy books, providing a quick and easy way to share messages, treaties, lists, and any other written words that would take up more space than a normal sign.


This plugin uses the /bookworm command, but it has the /bw and /write commands as aliases. The in-game help is designed to be, well, helpful. Using the command without any arguments will give you context-sensitive help.

To start writing a book, you hold a book in your hand and type /write <title>. You can then use /write <text> to add text to your book. If chat mode is enabled, you can also just chat without using the command to write into the book, as long as you're holding the book. You can use a double-colon :: to create a paragraph. As you write, the plugin will break your text into pages for you.

You can place a book in a bookshelf by left-clicking on the bookshelf with your book in hand. You can get a copy of a book from a bookshelf with left-click, and you can remove a book from a bookshelf with shift-left-click.

When creating a copy of a book, the plugin creates a "fake" copy. Any changes made to the original will also show up in the copy, and any changes made to the copy will show up in the original. This includes adding new text, changing the title, erasing text, or any other modification.

You can read a book by holding it and right-clicking the air. You can read a book in a bookshelf by right-clicking the bookshelf.

There are some special commands available while writing a book.

  • /write -help : shows this list of commands
  • /write -chat : toggle chat write mode
  • /write -read <page> : read the specified page
  • /write -author <author: sets the displayed author (this is just the displayed author, the real author will stay the same)
  • /write -title <new title> : change a book's title
  • /write -undo : Undo your last write action. Only has one level of undo. Things that can be undone: written text, replacements, erasings.
  • /write -erase <text> : erases the specified text from the book
  • /write -replace <old text> -> <new text> : replaces text
  • /write -eraseall : erases all text from the book
  • /write -get <id> : gets the book with the given id
  • /write -id : gets the id of the currently held book
  • /write -delete <id> : completely deletes the book with the specified id