10/10/12 - The server is now accessible from our new website, http://mceleutheria.net. Make sure to check it out, and register at the forums to keep up with the news, announcements, and participate in diplomacy, trade, and more! 9/16/12 - Books can now be stored in bookshelves! Right click to open the GUI and use like a chest. WARNING: Store backup copies in chests, as the books can occasionally disappear in the bookshelves (glitch should be fixed soon)!

9/10/12 - We're back after a long absence! With some major changes to underlying plugins, Eleutheria is more stable than ever!

7/15/12 - The changes of 6/25/12 have been reverted. It was an interesting experiment, but until the Minecraft API is more robust and allows more stable server modding, we will stay with Bukkit. Anything placed under Buildcraft has been removed, and we're back to our old system.

6/25/12 - Minecraft Forge and Buildcraft are now required to log in to the server. This is the first important step to implementing non-Bukkit mods. Direct download here and here .

5/29/12 - Custom Maps are temporarily DISABLED due to errors. Fixes are underway.

5/25/12 - Texture pack updated to 1.2.5 with new iron door and wood textures.  

4/22/12 - Siege Towers can now be built! See here for more information!

4/7/12 - Texture pack and MCPatcher are updated to 1.2.5. See here for more details on how to install and use.

3/29/12 - Showcase has been changed to a new plugin, ShowcaseStandalone. Please type /scs help to learn more!

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