Council Chambers

The Council Chambers

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The Council of Lords was a parliamentary body that convened to deliberate upon the most important issues of Aurelian policy. They were one of the highest authorities in the land, and will be most remembered to ordering the Hiems Perpetua when it became clear that Aurelia would not survive the great freeze.


The Council of Lords, theoretically only capable of demanding obediance on matters in which member states had agreed to follow the Council's decision, was in reality the highest authority in the land, debatably more powerful the the King of Aurelia himself. The Council only met on a few occaisons, the most famous of which occurred after the ruin of Ostia and freezing of the ____ Sea, the last time the government of any member nation of Aurelia met. Interestingly, every state contributing a member to the ancient Council has a corresponding successor state in the New World.

List of Current Electors

  • King of Aventinus
  • Duke of Ostia
  • Regent of Ancelstierre*
  • The delegate representing Ancelstierre holds an honorary seat on the Council. While Ancelstierre is not permitted to vote, the principality is not bound by decisions of the Council.