"I'm not a dandy. How am I a dandy? How dare you call me a dandy!"

-Vanis Sor D’eloure, much-hated dandy.

"It freshens the breath, improves circulation, and gives one's legs a curious strength, and is an excellent way of teaching children the effects of gravity... on frail human bones."


Dandelion wine is one of the oldest spirits still brewed in Eleutheria, though the modern distillation process is a relatively recent discovery. In roughly 102 P.A. several Ostian florists, presumably drunkards, discovered that large amounts of pressed dandelion petals could be brewed with their naturally sweet stems into a relatively inoffensive liquor which freshens the breath, improves circulation, and allows one to leap to enormous heights, though usually at the expense of a broken leg on the return trip.

Those who regularly drink dandelion wine are known as dandies, and are much maligned in Valentia, where Planque is the preferred drink of the common folk. Dandelion wine is much more popular in Ostia, where it is commonly drunk together with Hard Cider for the complementary effects, together known as "runner's high".

Name In-Game Name Ingredients Effects
Dandelion Wine Sparkling Potion

5x Dandelion

1x Clear Potion

Jump Boost II (2 min)

Hunger (1 min)