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About Eleutheria

Welcome to the Eleutheria Wiki! Eleutheria is a 24/7 public Minecraft server, focused around realistic survival role-playing and civilization-building. Beginning in Minecraft Alpha and transitioning to a newly-generated world with Beta 1.7, it sports numerous exciting features:

Player-Driven Economy - Unlike most role-playing servers, we pride ourselves on an economic system based on the natural supply and demand for goods and services, not on artificial or fixed prices.

Bukkit-Powered Functionality - We combine the power of Bukkit and Forge to run the ultimate plugin and mod setup.

Immersive Transportation - Utilizing boats, horses, and carts, travel throughout the land of Eleutheria, trading or fighting as you see fit.

Discover ancient secrets - Quest through a world with a rich and vibrant history and backstory.

Build a Civilization - Build custom-designed buildings to purchase unique NPCs that give a wide variety of bonuses; make war to defend your home, family, and honor.

Ancient/Medieval Aesthetic - Enjoy a world filled with structures built in a mixed medieval aesthetic with room for technological development.

First Visit?

Logging into Eleutheria is a bit more complicated than many Minecraft servers. These tutorials will give you the information you need to get playing right away! Once you install Forge and the required mods, there is an in-game tutorial and a number of friendly players available to get you started!

How to Log In to Eleutheria
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Current Version: Minecraft v1.4.7

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News and Changelog
  • 3/12/13 - Now using SimplyHorses as an additional Forge mod. Please download from the forum post to log into Eleutheria!
  • 3/6/13 - THE SERVER IS REBORN! After a downtime of several months, we are back in business with massive updates of every sort, including a re-transition to Forge, new mods, new mechanics, more stability and server uptime, and more! Check out the new "Tutorials" category if you need any help installing the required elements.
  • 10/16/12 - Alcohol! There are now eight custom recipes in Eleutheria that allow the creation of an exciting new tradeable, consumable substance. Try them out, but be sure to drink in moderation!
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