"While a variety of spirits can be traced back to specific peoples, none is so condeming of the national character as garum. It is little wonder Valentians are so enamored of the idea of redemption."

-Silas the Wanderer

"Only pansies don't enjoy the full, rich taste of fermented fish innards. Er... let me rephrase that."

-Aventian hawker, shortly before dismemberment.

Garum, originally conceived of as a sauce, is the product of mashing up fish innards and yeast and then leaving them in the sun for days until they ferment and produce a salty condiment fit for any meal. Unfortunately, enterprising Aventians eventually discovered that they could further ferment it to create a bizarre source of alcohol, and further distill it into a spirit of at best questionable merit. Garum as a drink is disgusting, and has been known to make hardened drinkers empty their guts by its smell alone; it has only been enduringly popular among fishermen, who have presumably lost any sensitivity towards its fishy smells along with their self-respect. It is drunk amongst the general populace as a folk remedy for sea sickness, presumably with little effect. Though it does allow one to breathe underwater.

Name In-Game Name Ingredients Effects
Garum Potent Potion

2x Raw Fish

1x Clear Potion

Waterbreathing (4 min)

Weakness 1 (2 min)