There are several modified gameplay mechanics that will affect the new citizen of Eleutheria the moment he or she steps into the world. Here are the basic necessities.

Trade[edit | edit source]

The new citizen enters Eleutheria with 100 denarii by default, which is the equivalent to a single diamond. With this money, the citizen can purchase building materials for a home, food for sustenance, or raw materials to begin a business of his or her own. There are three chief ways to purchase these items:

  1. Formal shops--physical stores in towns and villages that utilize the Showcase plugin--are the main way to purchase goods in this world. Visit the Shops page to learn more about how to interact with and start your own shop.
  2. Informal contracts are the trade of a good for currency, essentially a store transaction without the store. To pay an individual with your iConomy balance, use the command: /money pay [player] [amount in denarii]. Use a decimal for the minor currency (ex. "5.1" is equivalent to 5 denarii, 10 sestertii)
  3. Currency in Eleutheria is based off the "diamoned-standard"- that is, 1 Diamond = 100 Denarii. Exchanging diamonds for denarii, or denarii for diamonds, is possible at any of the banks in Eleutheria, and every major city possesses at least one.

WorldGuard[edit | edit source]

The mod currently used to protect a group's territory is WorldGuard.

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