The Dawn lights Kellenheim.

Kellenheim is the furthest-removed Quarter of Ostia, and pre-dates the reconstruction of Ostia proper. Though at heart a simple coastal village, Kellenheim served for a long time as the home-away-from-home for the citizens of old Ostia that abandoned the old city during the Hiems Perpetua, and has retained much of its independence through the nation's revival. Kellenheim essentially governs itself while bowing to Ostia in matters of foreign policy and sharing resources. Ostia's recent territorial expansion is largely a result of the incredible growth of this village, now the most populous quarter of Ostia. Kellenheim is lead by Lord Alexander Diddle.

History[edit | edit source]

View of Kellenheim from the drawbridge.

Kellenheim is notable for the mass amnesia its population often suffers from. Recent scholarship indicates that the ever-popular pasttime of glue-sniffing may be at fault. In any case, it has no recorded history. :( <---so write a history!!!!

NEVERTHELESS: Kellenheim is noted for building the first open-air market in Eleutheria.

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