Luceria is the youngest faction in Eleutheria, and the third and largest faction to split from Nysa.The self-styled "Young builders of old nations" are allied with Valentia, and lead by Lord HockeyDangler. Probbably one of the most unique features of Luceria is the fact that building materials are shared between all the citezens at no charge which encourages everyone in the faction to build amazing structures.

History Edit

Luceria was founded by Lord Hockey. Two Nysans quickly joined him after deciding they were tired of Protise's boring style of leadership, bringing Luceria's population to three. With Nysa on the downfall, racn4az (aka protise) is now a General of Luceria.

The Future Edit

Luceria is rapidly growing and expanding. Currently allied with Valentia and unofficially with Noetheria. With few written laws, We govern ourselves and grow the faction as a whole. Currently growing at a very quick rate the town has progressed much from a few houses to a medium sized town in just a few days.

Current Residents Edit

Admin/Leader- Lord Hockey. | Mod-General Racn4az. | Mod-ComradConrad1. | Farmer-decco2002