Map of ancel

A map of the capital of Ancelstierre, zoom level 2.

5/29/12 - Maps are currently DISABLED due to errors. A fix is underway.

Maps provide a way to navigate and exchange information about the world of Eleutheria with all her citizens. Maps in Eleutheria can be copied with a crafting recipe, and can be draw at different zoom levels to allow varying amounts of detail to be shared. All this increased functionality is provided by MapClone .

Changing the Zoom LevelsEdit

Maps can only be scaled once, and their zoom level is then locked after sixty seconds of time, to allow the user to find the level they desire. To scale a map, hold the map you want to scale and type:

/mzoom [closest|close|normal|far|farthest|1-5] <mapnumber>

The zoom numbers from 1 to 5 go in ascending order of distance--that is, 1 is closest, 5 is farthest. The argument can also use the words "closest" to "farthest," as demonstrated above.

Each zoom level corresponds roughly to the following:

  1. City Block
  2. City
  3. Region
  4. Country
  5. Continent

Copying a MapEdit

This plugin allows you to clone any map that you have in your inventory by the use of a simple recipe.

The recipe is:

F map cloning

You must be holding down shift when you click on the maps, otherwise you will get two maps of the next available number instead of cloning the map you want.