Democratic Free State of Nysa


The Engineers



Founding Date

Ianuarius 1, 42 P.A.

Ending Date

~ 130 P.A.


4 (at height)


Benevolent Democratic Dictatorship



Nysa was a scientifically-advanced maritime state northwest of Valentia on the continent of Borealis. Known primarily for its naval might and martial power, it was a booming state until the abdication of its founder, Odh XLII, after which the state was utterly destroyed by internal conflict and a series of secessions. The remaining citizens and much of its infrastructure were then incorporated into Valentia.


Nysa was originally started as the project of a single man, Odh XLII. Nysa experienced an enormous population boom due to immigration in the later part of Odh's rule, but following his abdication to pursue his passion for archaeology, the state splintered, leading some citizens to migrate to Valentia, and an abortive attempt to create a new city known as Alexandria. Later, Mercymike broke off to form the state known as Quarthia. At the same time, the new leader of Nysa, Protise, also called Rac4naz, abandoned the original site of the capital and founded a second city, called New Nysa. While Protise settled in as the new leader of Nysa, a traitorous attack in 55 P.A. completely destroyed the new capital by fire, followed by a second attack in 57 P.A. which destroyed the monument to past King Odh XLII. Protise's assassination not long thereafter led to the nation's complete abandonment and fall into ruin.

Odh XLII, long absent from his original home, returned at this time to find nothing but flaming ruins and a shattered citizenry. Into this void stepped Valentia, which offered to incorporate Nysa into the Republic, an offer which Odh XLII gladly accepted. Nysa finally died as OdhXLII took the title Odius Nyssus and became proconsul of the new Valentia province of Palatina.