“Planque is the drink of drunkards and the swill of low-born commoners. It is more fit for trenches and sties than tankards and bars. Give me a clear decanter of ’26 vintage dandelion wine any day, and I’ll thank you for your good breeding.”

- Vanis Sor D’eloure, a minor noble of foreign pedigree whose disappearance following a particular scandal continues to invite speculation today.

“Vanis Sor D'eloure was a lying, cowardly, lackluster, clammy, ham-fisted, buffoonish, two-faced, back-stabbing, flimflamming, philandering, pimply, squeaky, snide, sniveling, prancing, preening, foppish dandy whose stones were so light that he walked everywhere with his hips thrust forward as though he were about to be carried away by a pair of balloons caught in the breeze. Before his mother died of shame—being irredeemably tainted by association with her utterly disgraceful offspring—I felt it my duty as a gentleman to visit her estate often and offer her comfort in the ignominy visited upon her as a result of her vile progeny. She was extremely grateful for these reprieves.”

- Harriganis Quiller, whose works were long considered the Valentian literary standard for the ad hominem.


Planque wine is an alcoholic beverage distinguished by the use of oak as a container while the wine ages. The dense, yet porous nature of oak allows the container to expand and contract seasonally, encouraging a continuous osmotic process of water and alcohol, and thus allowing some alcohol to escape gradually while imparting a distinctly woody flavor to the drink which remains. The abundance of oak trees in certain Valentian provinces allows a great abundance of this alcohol to be produced in the Republic’s vineyards; this abundance has led to the reputation of planque as a peasant’s wine, though by no means should it be inferred that the drink’s quality is lessened in any way as such.

The ancient Kingdom of Nysa, now subsumed beneath the banner of the Republic of Valentia, was particularly known for its equally aromatic and alcoholic variant of planque. To this day the province of Palatina (the present name for the terrain formerly called Nysa) continues to pride itself in its mastery of the fermenter's art.

Name In-Game Name Ingredients Effects
Planque Wine Charming Potion

1x Oak Plank

4x Vines

1x Clear Potion

Strength (2 min)

Slowness (1 min)