QUIRINA, province of Valentia


The Great Pasture of Valentia


Marcus Quirinius Virgilis (MarcusVirgil)

Provincial Capital:




Quirina is one of the seven provinces of the Republic of Valentia, and the sixth largest after Capitolina, Palatina, Vimina, Caelia, and Aventina.

History[edit | edit source]

The Quirinii are one of the seven ancient families of Valentia, long renowned for its extensive and advanced breeding programs of livestock and horses. As a result, the Quirinii have held a prestigious role in both trade and warfare in Valentia’s long history, in addition to providing the republic with essential meats and food.

After the Hiems Perpetua, the Quirinii settled north of the City and established its capital, Praedium.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Quirina is located directly north of the City and borders four provinces: Palatina to the north, Esquilina to the north-east, Aventina to the east, and Capitolina to the south. The Bay of Pacis lies to the west, granting Quirina an extensive coastline. Much of Quirina’s landscape consists of hilly plains, though it is punctuated by numerous small lakes and groves of trees. The River Isara divides Quirina from Palatina and Esquilina on its borders.

Population Centers[edit | edit source]

The largest city in Quirina is the provincial capital, Praedium. Praedium occupies the central location of the province, surrounded by fenced pastures full of its livestock. Various other structures dot the landscape, including the nearby villa of the proconsul Marcus Quirinius Virgilis and an early dwelling of Vimina’s proconsul Tychius Viminus.

Economy[edit | edit source]

Quirina’s rich pasture land supports its large herds of cattle, pigs, sheep, and horses. The capital of Praedium itself houses most of the livestock population, though various smaller ranches built on the land contribute to the province’s overall wealth. In addition to this abundance of food, the province’s relatively central location in the Republic, its close proximity to the City, and its easy access to the River Isara allows for great ease in transporting its foodstuffs and other exports (such as leather and wool) to the rest of the Republic of Valentia.

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