One of the many ruins dotting Eleutheria.

Ruins are the remnants of ancient civilizations, places of remarkable danger matched only by the untold wealth found within- both that left by the ancients, and the valuable equipment brought in by doomed explorers. These areas are unearthed under the direction of Odh XLII, a peerless archaeologist who has traveled to the corners of Eleutheria in search of them.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Ruins can theoretically be found anywhere, but anyone expecting to bump into one in downtown Valentia is a fool. Ruins still exist because they are beyond the reach of the cities and nations that would strip them of their treasures and dangers. They can be found far from bustle of everyday business, on loney islands and in empty deserts, buried deep in the wildernesses that span the majority of Eleutheria. Finding ruins is the first challenge to obtaining their treasures, but this step can be expedited with the help of a veteran adventurer or cartographer. Maps of their locations are quite valuable, and are readily available if you know where to buy.

Dangers[edit | edit source]

Ruins, for a variety of reasons, are the most deadly locations in Eleutheria. Traps, puzzles, hordes of monsters and a variety of physical obstacles must be surmounted in order to survive to the end.

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