Introduction[edit | edit source]

Eleutheria is designed to give players a realistic interaction as characters in a universe, rather than as players in a game. As such, these two simple rules are interested solely in keeping the universe immersive, rather than ensuring good behavior. The final ruling on interpretation will come from the administrators of the server.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Rule I: No Cheating.[edit | edit source]

Cheating is defined as the use of any glitches, hacks, exploits, bugs, or other faulty game mechanics which give one player an advantage over another. This list includes, but is not limited to, "X-Ray" texture packs and mods, ore detectors, speedhacks, flying hacks or mods, duping through use of glitching inventories or furnaces, or other game modifications. The administrators determine what constitutes cheating, and do have the power to ban permanently or temporarily by their discretion. If a mechanic seems glitchy, report it to an admin. Any newly-arising glitch or bug may be added to this list as an admin determines, given the quickly-changing nature of Minecraft Beta and the numerous plugins run on the server.

Non-Violations: Trickery, thievery, banditry, unscrupulous business practices, price gouging, senseless violence, and other such actions are not violations of this rule. These actions use in-game mechanics in an immersive manner, and while they may earn you the ire of powerful forces within the world, they are not a violation of the rules.

Rule II: Maintain the Aesthetic.[edit | edit source]

This server maintains a design aesthetic predicated on creating a realistic pre-modern (before the Industrial Age, primarily set in the Romano-British/Medieval/Renaissance) world, from its use of food for hunger, a standard-based currency with dynamic player-run prices, and more. As such, impossible structures such as tall 1x1 pillars, obsidian structures greater than thirty blocks in mass, floating buildings (either by water or air), lava moats, and excessively-flaming buildings are illegal. If you build one of these or other illegal structures, you will be asked to remove it, giving you the opportunity to regain the blocks used in construction. If you do not remove it, the structure will be removed for you and you will lose the blocks used in construction.

Non-Violations: Large “eyesore” constructions built largely of a single block type, like cobblestone, are discouraged in general, but are not express violations of this Rule. While these structures may violate a town rule set by a Mayor, building them will not result in punitive action by an administrator.

Punitive Measures[edit | edit source]

Based upon the requirements of each action, an administrator can take these punitives measures, in increasing order of severity:

  • warn the offending player
  • fine the offending player a variable amount of in-game currency
  • temporarily ban the offending player from the server
  • permanently ban the offending player from the server

These punitive measures will be decided on a case-by-case basis, and remain the sole discretion of the adminstrators.

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