"Potions and Alchemy" in Valentia.

Shops are a vital part of the economic system of Eleutheria, and provide the lifeblood of the thriving trade throughout her towns and cities. Creating a shop is a major step in the life of any citzen, and can turn a small mining or farming operation into a profitable and powerful venture. This guide walks through the major commands and considerations to operate or purchase from a shop effectively.

The shop system uses both iConomy for currency and money transfer, and ShowcaseStandalone for the shop mechanic.

Using Showcase[edit | edit source]

(Thank you to kellerkindt, bitfreeze, and sorklin at dev.bukkit.org for these instructions)

We've designed ShowCaseStandalone ("SCS") to be easy to manage and use. For shop owners, creating a shop is as easy as holding the material, and typing /scs sell to create a showcase to sell items,/scs buy to create a showcase to buy items, or /scs display to display an item.

As a customer, you simply left click a showcase to get information about the transaction, such as material, quantity and price. Right click to purchase or sell that material. If you sneak-right click, which is typically shift-right click, you will buy in larger quantities (typically a stack at a time).

For all the commands below, arguments in <> are mandatory, and arguments in [] are optional. :specifies either/or.

Creating Showcases[edit | edit source]

There are three types of showcases that you can create: a sell-showcase, where you sell items to other players; a buy-showcase, where you buy items from other players; and a display-showcase, where you simply place an item up for display.

/scs sell:buy [item:this] [amount:unlimited] [price]

For the Buy and Sell showcases, the last three arguments are optional. However, if you wish to specify one of the later arguments (such as price), you must include the previous arguments (such as item and amount).

Argument Type Description
sell:buy mandatory which type of showcase you want to create
[item:this] optional creates the showcase for the item you specify, or the one you are holding ('this'). Note: using 'this' is only mandatory when you are supplying additional arguments.
[amount:unlimited] optional Specifies the amount of the item to buy or sell. If omitted, the default value is the number of the item you are holding when issuing the command. Players with special permissions can create unlimited shops. They will buy or sell infinite amounts of items.
[price] optional Specifies the price for the showcase. If omitted, the price defaults to 1.0.

/scs display [item:this]
Argument Type Description
[item:this] optional creates a display showcase for the item you specify, or the one you are holding ('this'). If you omit the argument, it will create one for the item you are holding.


Command Explanation
/scs sell torch 10 1.5 We want to sell 10 torches for 1.5 each.
/scs buy this unlimited We want to buy an infinite amount of the item we're holding. Price defaults to 1.0
/scs sell We want to sell the enchanted sword we're holding. Amount defaults to what we're holding, price defaults to 1.0
/scs display 41 We want to create a display for a block of gold (item # 41).

Note: When selling (or buying) unique items, such as enchanted and/or used tools, weapon or armor, you must use the /scs sell:buy command on what you are holding. At this time, It is impossible to specify an enchantment in the item field. Instead using the 'this' command will allow the plugin to read the condition of the item you're selling and apply that to the shop.

Manage Showcases[edit | edit source]

Commands Explanation
/scs add [amount] Adds items to your showcase. If you omit [amount], it will add all items you are carrying that match the item in the showcase. Note: for used or enchanted items, it will only add items that exactly match the item in the showcase.
/scs get [amount] Removes items to your showcase. If you omit [amount], it will remove all items from the showcase that you can carry.
/scs remove Delete a showcase. You will get any inventory currently stored in the showcase. If you cannot carry it all, you will receive what you can carry, and the showcase will not be removed.
/scs price <amount> Changes the price of the buy/sell showcase to the amount specified.
/scs owner <owner> Transfer the ownership of the showcase to another player.
/scs amount <amount> Change the buy-amount for a buy showcase. This is the amount of items your showcase will buy before going inactive.

Aborting an Action[edit | edit source]

Since all commands are two steps, issuing the command and then right clicking on the showcase, you can abort a command by typing /scs abort.

Use Showcases[edit | edit source]

General Interaction[edit | edit source]

General interaction is very easy. Left click to get information from a showcase, Right click to buy/sell. Sneak-Right click to buy/sell by larger units.

General Commands[edit | edit source]

Commands Explanation
/scs help Display help for the SCS plugin.
/scs unit <amount> Change your buy/sell amount. This only affect the Sneak-Right click action. The default is 64 items (a stack).
/scs last See information about your last transaction.
/scs undo Undo your last transaction. Note: there is a time limit (default is 2 minutes) that a transaction can be undone. Also, in order for the transaction to be undone, each party has to have the money and items that were transacted.
/scs message <receive:ignore> Elect to ignore transaction messages for showcases you own. This flag will reset after logging out.
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