Strife's fearsome symbol.

Strife is the informal name given to a shadowy group led by Scottish_Irony, the only known member. Formerly an upstanding and well-respected citizen of Ostia, he broke off after a sudden change of heart, waging open war against all factions in Eleutheria. His motivation and goals are likely to remain matters of speculation, as he is suspected to have perished in the wilderness or during one of his many one-man raids on various city's around Eleutheria, though no one has claimed responsibility and only a few of his hideaways have ever been found.


Scottish_Irony was once a prominent Ostian citizen, well-respected around Eleutheria, with ties to both Valentian and Ostian aristocracy. Around 54 P.A., with little warning, he was cast out of Ostia and officially banished as the full extent of his madness became clear. He is perhaps best known for ransoming Princeps Flavius' own harbor back to him, assassinating Protise, the leader of Nysa, and his relation to a string of arsons that crippled the navies of Ostia, Ancelstierre, and Valentia. The last lead to the complete breakdown of alliances between all major states, due to the fear of sabotage, and the assassination of Protise is often cited as one of the main factors in Nysa's final downfall. A controversial, confusing, and likely insane character, Scottish remains perhaps the single most influential figure in recent history, having single-handedly changed the face of Eleutherian politics, and remaining the only individual to succesfully cause the end of an entire nation.