What is MultiMC?[edit | edit source]

MultiMC is a utility program designed to allow a user to maintain multiple installations ("instances") of Minecraft on a single computer. This is extremely useful, allowing the player using a modded client (as is required for Eleutheria) to keep a clean copy of Minecraft for use on vanilla servers as well.

How to Install and Use MultiMC[edit | edit source]

  1. To download MultiMC, go to its main page and find the "Download" button. Choose the operating system you are currently using and download the file. IMPORTANT NOTE: As of 3/7/13, the download link redirects you first to AdFly, which is a nasty little website that earns money for mod creators by showing ads before allowing you to continue on to your download; "nasty" because it has been known to link to virus-ridden websites. Ignore what shows up on the screen and click the "Skip Ad" button in the top right corner. Do not be misled by the advertisements!
  2. After downloading the file and moving it to where you want it, extract it as you normally would a .zip file.
  3. Run the program as you normally would; in Windows, by double-clicking the MultiMC.exe executable.
  4. When the program opens, there is an empty window and a number of buttons across the toolbar. To create a new "instance," which is a separate install of Minecraft, click the button on the far left that says "Add a New Instance."
  5. This brings up a window that has an icon of a Minecraft dirt block. You can choose the version number (MultiMC allows you to keep separate versions of Minecraft, too) and name your instance. You can name it whatever you want, but the best name would probably be "Eleutheria" and the version is 1.4.7. Click "ok."
  6. Now, double-click the newly-created icon to run your instance of Minecraft. This brings up a dialog requesting your username and password. From now on, to log into Minecraft and play you will use this program and log in here, rather than in the usual Minecraft launcher. Log in and start Minecraft; this will cause MultiMC to download the necessary game files to run Minecraft. Once the game starts up once, close it.
  7. That's all you need to run MultiMC! You can follow the directions to install Forge and the mods to connect to Eleutheria.
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